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Final Copeland Forest Trail Plan publishedAfter a 2+ year study process with the engagement of the local community and forest users, CFFA has developed the final Trail Plan for the Copeland Forest. The Trail Plan recommends various measures to address identified trail related issues. This includes the identification of trails in need of improvements including trail section rerouting and limited closures (seasonal and permanent). The final Trail Plan considered comments submitted on the Draft Trail Plan that was released in late 2023. A summary of the comments received and responses to those comments are included.The final Trail Plan is available on the CFFA website at: CFFA is also in the process of creating a map that will outline the endorsed trail network. The map will be available on the CFFA website at a future date. It is also the intention to update the Trail Forks app including the proposed trail name changes as per the Trail Plan.CFFA plans to begin the implementation of the Tail Plan recommendations starting in spring 2024. It is expected that full implementation of the recommendations will take several years. We will need local community and trail user volunteers to support the planned improvements. Please keep an eye out for future communications regarding implementation including requests for volunteers. ... See MoreSee Less
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THANK YOU Garlic Mustard Volunteers Copeland Forest Friends forProtecting this Habitat. B E S T W I S H E S FOR 2024 A Canadian Poinsettia?It’s a colony of Northern Maidenhair fern, autumn colours in the Copeland. This fern and other exceptional plants thrive in the Copeland Forest thanks to rich soil under the deciduous trees, and to our wonderful volunteers who carefully monitor the trail edges and hillsides, and remove the toxic invading Garlic Mustard plants. Thank you to everyone who loves the Copeland so much that you want to give back. Your spirit and your dedication to containing Garlic Mustard is very much appreciated. Honestly, pulling Garlic Mustard is pure manual labor, but as I look back over the past year we had a lot of fun and made discoveries along the way. We learned why some flowers grow downward and what the relationship is between ants and trilliums. Two teams found trilliums with abnormalities. This led to some initial research, sharing of findings and the start of a citizen science research station. Of course when we look up from pulling, our forays sometimes take us to new, fresh vistas we have never seen before. Awesome.Renewal and HopeVolunteers know they can locate Garlic Mustard growing around mossy fallen trees exactly where they find the spotted red-eft newt who spends seven years maturing in this quiet refuge In the same rotting wood we found millipedes, wood beetles and toads enjoying life. As we witness the current extinction of animal and plant species world wide, every Garlic Mustard volunteer is guaranteeing that this wildlife will have a healthier environment. I am proud of you, the community of Garlic Mustard volunteers, who have been so vigilant. You have contained recognized locations of this invasive so that it has not invaded areas designated in two biologists’ reports as ‘exceptional in their biodiversity’. Your determination and the Friends’ draft proposal to keep some areas undisturbed, free of trails that create eco-islands, will guarantee that the Copeland will be a healthy, living legacy well into the future. To the new people who have joined the GM brigade this year, welcome, and a heartfelt thank you! To those of you have been involved for up to five years, team leaders and co-leaders, BRAVO. You are making our progress successful. Snow will be settling upon the forest and granting us all a time for silence and regeneration. I wish for you the joy found in peace, love, laughter, family, friends and nature throughout the New Year. See you in the spring. Margaret KennedyGarlic Mustard Project Co-ordinatorCopeland Forest Friends Association ... See MoreSee Less
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The Copeland Forest Friends would like to make a big shout out and thank you to the Ganaraska Hiking Trails Association for their generous donation towards the trail projects and environmental work of the Copeland Friends. The Friends greatly value the partnerships we have with local associations as well as our membership for their support of our work.We would also like to recognize and thank the landowners of the Copeland, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests (MNRF), who have stepped in to help with the costs of snowplowing the main parking areas off Ingram Road as well as paying for new trail signs. The new signage supports the plans of the Trails Project. ... See MoreSee Less
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The Copeland Forest is a 4,400 acre Resource Management Area in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada, owned by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests. The size, beauty, and unfettered use of the forest by a wide variety of recreational users inspired an initiative to conserve the natural integrity of the forest and facilitate compatible recreational use.

In October 2015 the Copeland Forest Friends Association formed a Non-Profit Corporation, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the MNRF, and began offering memberships. The organization has been structured to ensure that all of the major recreational user groups are represented equally. There are many ways to join us including becoming a member, volunteering, making a donation, and signing up for our newsletter. We look forward to seeing you in the forest!