Remember the health of the forest is our priority. Our goal is to preserve the forest for future generations to enjoy. Please respect the ecology of the forest and minimize your impact on the forest. Wherever possible, please stay on the trails and leave no trace.

The Copeland Forest provides a vast range of opportunities for hiking and walking. The formal trail is the Ganaraska Hiking Trail that enters the forest at three points and provides options for both short and long-distance walks. The informal single track and dual-track trails provide many more kilometres of trails for hikers. The hilly sections of the trails can get the heart pumping, but there are also many flat sections to take a more casual hike.

Easy access can be found at the Amos Tract of the Simcoe County forest parking lot on the 5th Line North or at the second main parking lot on Ingram Road. Then, follow the marked trails. All intersections on the dual-track trails have “You are here” maps so hikers can orientate themselves and plan their route back to their vehicle.

How to prepare for a hike

  • Prepare your route in advance. The easiest approach is to follow the white blazes of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail or the dual-track trails. (Link to map)
  • If you are going alone, tell a friend or family member where your are entering the forest and your approximate route.
  • Check weather forecast and dress accordingly.
  • Prepare for ticks by wearing long pants and check for ticks on yourself after your hike.
  • Where suitable footwear.
  • Bring food and water. Water is especially important.
  • Bring a cellphone for the trail apps and emergency calls.


  • Respect nature and ecology of the forest.
  • Stay on the trails and leave no trace.
  • Carry out all garbage.
  • Keep your dog under control or on a leash.
  • Give the right of way to horses and mountain bikers.
  • If you see trees down or trail problems report it at
  • If you witness activity that is against Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry rules call 1-877-847-7667.