Remember the health of the forest is our priority. Our goal is to preserve the forest for future generations to enjoy. Please respect the ecology of the forest and minimize your impact on the forest. Wherever possible, please stay on the trails and leave no trace.

The wide and welcoming trails of the Copeland Forest are perfect for horseback riding, with great footing and the smells, sights and sounds of the forest. Meander through old-growth forest, as towering pines give way to a beautiful hardwood canopy. Enjoy the pond and walk through the swamp where the water often laps over the trail, and then head into single-track trails that lead to a small creek for lunch. It’s a great way to spend a day with your horse.

The forest provides trails for every level of rider – flat, easy loops, long slow hills, narrow winding trails or more challenging hills and ridges. Although the ride can be relaxing and methodic, keep your eyes open to spot deer in the lesser-used areas.

For new riders, less fit horses or larger groups riding signposts 8-6-23-5-10 provides a varied and gentle ride. The trail just past the pond on the left (past signpost 3) will always lead you back to the main trail.

There are numerous access points for local riders to ride into the forest and a well-maintained parking area for trailers at parking lot 2.

Although motorized vehicles aren’t allowed, you will encounter hikers, skiers, snowshoers and bicycles so make sure your horse is used to seeing these things on the trail.


  • Respect all users of the forest.
  • Always stay on the trail.
  • If it is safe to do, kick your horse’s poop off the trail.
  • All hikers, bikers etc. are obligated to yield to horses. Only yield if you are in a open space that will be safe for all and not damaging to the forest floor.
  • Let people know that your horse has no ability to see behind him and to not approach from behind.
  • Park courteously, not blocking off access to others and clean up after yourself in the parking lot.