At 1,781 hectares (4,400 acres), anglers and hunters enjoy the Copeland Forest as one of the largest publicly owned areas that permits fishing and hunting opportunities close to much of the southern Ontario population. There is plenty of space for anglers and hunters to enjoy the space among other users.

Many enjoy the undisturbed forest and swamp areas west of the P1 parking lot, including the Ducks Unlimited pond and the headwaters of the Coldwater River. The trout pond located between P1 and P2 provides fishing for all skill levels. Come prepared with a map and wayfinding equipment in order to find your way back to where you entered the forest.

Popular fishing and hunting activities:

  • Fishing for stocked brook trout in the pond between the P1 and P2 parking lots
  •  Deer hunting (muzzle-loading guns and archery)
  • Small game, upland birds (grouse, woodcock) and waterfowl hunting

Gun hunters will find the large western portion of the forest (west of P1) more suitable compared to the eastern portion (between P1 and Line 5 North), which can be busy since the eastern portion contains many popular trails for hikers, bikers, horseback riders skiing and snowshoeing.


  •  Copeland Forest is its own dedicated Wildlife Management Unit (WMU 76E) and is located in Fisheries Management Zone (FMZ 16). Refer to the Ontario Hunting Regulations and Fishing Regulations for detailed information.
  • During controlled deer hunts, only muzzle-loading guns are permitted (no shotguns or rifles).
  • Permanent tree stands are not permitted, only portable stands.
  • The use of hunting dogs off leash is permitted, if dogs are always under control of their handler.
  • Waterfowl hunters may position themselves in any safe location; there are no designated hunting blinds.
  • Be courteous to other forest users and safety first.

Report suspected poaching, abuses or theft of our natural resources to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry 1-877-TIPS MNR (1-877-847-7667).