Spring Garlic Mustard Exploratory Hike

Join the Garlic Mustard Team and members of the Ganaraska Hiking Club for an early Spring walk looking for garlic mustard rosettas and generally learning about this invasive plant and the varied forest floor vegetation at risk.  They may even pick some rosettes. Date April

Copeland Forest Update – Trails Moratorium to Protect Forest

Over the past two years, many community residents have reached out to Copeland Forest Friends Association expressing concern about the continued building of single-track trails in the Copeland Forest, despite it being already saturated with trails. Copeland Forest Friends Association (CFFA), a not-for-profit organization charged

Download the Trails Map

Download a map of all the major trails in the Copeland Forest.

Copeland Forest Friends

The Copeland Forest is a 4,400 acre Resource Management Area  in Simcoe County, Ontario,  Canada, owned by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests. The size, beauty, and unfettered use of the forest by a wide variety of recreational users inspired an initiative to conserve the natural integrity of the forest and facilitate compatible recreational use.

In October 2015 the Copeland Forest Friends Association formed a Non-Profit Corporation, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the MNRF, and began offering memberships. The organization has been structured to ensure that all of the major recreational user groups are represented equally. There are many ways to join us including becoming a member, volunteering, making a donation, and signing up for our newsletter. We look forward to seeing you in the forest!

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SAVE the Trilliums, Spring Beauties, Hepatica, Yellow Bellwort, Maidenhair ferns + 100’s moreGarlic Mustard MUST BE REMOVED in the Copeland ForestOne of Ontario’s richest, most biodiverse forestsJoin the GARLIC MUSTARD PROJECT with the Copeland FriendsWe have 8 teams, 8 leaders, 50 volunteers from the community to help you. Come one time only or get overjoyed with wildflowers and come more often.Who: Everyone. Children are welcome. They are experts at rejecting look-a-like violet leaves!When: May and early June. Pull before Mustard plants form seed pods with 1000 seeds per plant!Time: Team leaders will organize pull times to meet everyone’s needs.Say YES: email garlicmustard@copelandfriends.ca We will get back to you.WHY are we successful at limiting Garlic Mustard after 5 years of pulling?1) Its root is easy to pull out. No herbicides are needed.2) Toxic chemicals from its root harm forest plants—When theroot is pulled, the poison is gone.3) Zillions of Copeland plants, like wild ginger, blue cohosh, redand white trilliums re-naturalize spaces where Garlic Mustardis pulled. No native planting is needed. 4) VOLUNTEERS are KEY. Their persistence is the Forest’slifeline.“We want to give back to the Forest that gives so much to us”.(Quote from a volunteer) ... See MoreSee Less
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