There are two sets of reports available on the Copeland Forest. First, there are a series of reports commissioned by the Ministry of Natural Resources following the purchase of the Forest in 1979. This led to 3 main reports in 1979-1980.Then, in 2010, the Couchiching Conservancy with the support of the Trillium Foundation undertook a project to examine the Copeland Forest and engage the public in discussion of stewardship. This process led to two reports in 2012-2013.

Ministry of Natural Resources – 1979-1980

  • Irene Golas, The Copeland Forest Resource Management Area – A History: 1800 to 1978, Ministry of Natural Resources, 1980/
  • Spittal, Report on Archaeological Survey of the Copeland Forest, Ministry of Natural Resources, 1979
  • S.W. Bobbette, Copeland Forest Resource Management Area Botanical Inventory, Ministry of Natural Resources, 1979

Couchiching Conservancy – 2012-2013

  • Judith Jones and John Morton, Life Science Inventory of the Copeland Forest, Couchiching Conservancy, 2012.
  • Copeland Forest Stewardship Committee, Stewardship Recommendations, Couchiching Conservancy, 2013