Invasive Species

The Copeland Forest is Threatened by the Invasive Garlic Mustard

Help Protect the Forest:  JOIN THE SPRING PULL

 The Copeland, southern Ontario’s 4,500 square-acre natural treasure, is right at our doorstep.   Garlic mustard has increased over the last fifteen years in the mature deciduous upland part of the Copeland.  Garlic Mustard spreads rapidly, eventually dominating the ecologically rich forest understory.  The garlic mustard root releases toxic chemicals reducing up to 75% of nutrients going to woodland plants, even to maple, oak and black cherry saplings.   The canopy trees may not be replenished. 

 Copeland Forest Friends has completed a study and marked the locations of garlic mustard.   NOW is a good time to start: 

·       Infestations are manageable, light to medium 

·       Locations are easy to reach on the sides of trails where it has already displaced woodland plants

·       Spring pulling is best before each plant produces 1000 seeds

·       Pulling out the entire plant is easy, but must be done properly

·       No heavy hauling of bags.  Compost bins in the Forest

·       Copeland Friend volunteers will lead you in the spring pull

MANUAL PULLING is the best way of controlling garlic mustard; but it must be pulled every year for 5+ years to deplete the seedbank in the ground.  ONE hour of pulling is all it takes.

ADOPT a section of a Copeland Trail for 5+ years.  A stake with a Reference ID will mark your section so you can monitor and pull in that area. A Copeland Friend volunteer will meet and lead you in the pull.

 We have planned several spring garlic mustard pulls:

Option #1        Tues    May 14            Morning         
Option #2        Tues    May 28            Morning                     
Option #3        Wed    May 29            Afternoon                  
Option #4        Sun      June 2              Morning                     
Option #5        Mon    June 3              Evening                      
Option #6        Tues    June 4              Morning                     
Option #7        Tues    June 18           Morning                     

WHO?  Everyone:  Individuals, couples, a family, a group of families,  a street,  a club, group of friends.

PLEASE respond and indicate what option you want and how many people are coming with you. You must preregister so we can stake your section, and give it a Reference ID tag. After you register, we will contact you and confirm the date, time, place + details. A Copeland Friend volunteer will meet and lead you in the pull If you cannot make the above dates but would still like to help, please email us your availability.  

Please sign up now and join in this important effort to control garlic mustard.  Register at:

 For further information on garlic mustard and our GM Project, download the PDF Here.